Old buildings, whiskey and lots of laughter

On top of Edinburgh

I am in love. Big time. Went to Edinburgh for the weekend and let me just say to anyone who haven’t been there yet: GO! Go, go, go. This city is absolutely beautiful.Now to the elements, because of course there are some factors playing in here. Besides from my fascination of old cities and buildings, I also traveled with some great people and the sun was shining the entire weekend. In November. As my mom put it: “well, that’s a miracle” (including some sassy emojis – she has got that down to an art, really!).

We went as part of a bigger group but spend most of the time by ourselves. Not because of anything in particular, but I think we were just eager to explore, and traveling in big groups tend to drag time. Time, we didn’t really have. We went from Friday to Sunday but the bus ride was 10 hours each way so basically we had Saturday for everything.

We walked… and walked… Edinburgh is build on seven hills so the amount of stairs in this city is unheard of. We went whiskey tasting which was a great idea. We had great food and beer – and cider for those who like that. We listened to a lot of Christmas music – we are a bit early on that one, I know – and visited the Edinburgh Christmas marked where I bought glitter socks (those have been waiting to appearing in my wardrobe for quite some time!). We walked some more and we laughed a lot.

I could continue writing but I think I will leave it for the captions on the pictures:

I told you there were stairs… But they make for great picture spots
The sound was everywhere and I have to admit that I kind of like it
View from Calton Hill
On top of Calton Hill lies the Nelson Monument… You can’t really go higher than that
… And it had shelves for the camera as well
… It also had the smallest door ever… Poor Laury
The steps continued… This is the Jacob Ladder (did we go to heaven?!) and someone thought we should go down it… We went back up (cough… Ing… cough)
… But not before doing some Vougeing… Lau made a whole series but I will spare you
The Dutch invasion… Sometimes I wonder how I can ever leave them… Sometimes I don’t
Ing found herself a man and Lau turned jealous… (!?)
I thought I would share this with you… We saw a lot of churches and I have seen a lot in my life, however I have never seen this kind of non coloured glass with images. I love it and as Lau said “I thought it would speak to your scandinavian aesthetics”
Now Edinburgh contains all sorts of places which are believed to be the inspiration for places in the Harry Potter universe…
… This one being Diagon Alley… In real called Victoria Street
And then a little bit of british mood… Just loved this spot and thought I would share it
So to sum up! Great trip, great girls and an Ing who has found something on the ground?

Lots of love

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