London Baby

So we lived about 5 minutes walk from Baker Street, which was great. We could either walk or take the Underground for everything!

“Please, mind the gap between the train and the platform” – the most common sentence ever and the first thing you expect to hear, arriving in London. And what was the case? I only heard it twice, even though I went by the underground several times. Has it been downscaled?

As those of you who follow me on Instagram might have noticed, I was in London this weekend. Sorry for the spam! My wonderful cousin (who is very pregnant at the moment) and her boyfriend came to see me and London, so I went for two days (they are still there).

It has been absolutely wonderful. Great food (what do you expect when traveling with a chef), lovely weather and good peeps. My kind of weekend and just what I needed on top of some very stressful weeks here in Southampton. I have been absolutely swamped and that is also the reason the blog has been MIA.

However, I believe I am back! The magazine I have been working on is released on Wednesday, and that should release a lot of hours on my time schedule.

Back on track, here is a recap of my weekend:

In Soho they have this beautiful, colorful christmas carnival. For me, looking at it, it didn’t scream christmas, but it did scream carnival and that made up for it. Suppose I don’t have a tradition for caribbean christmas?
We also went to The British Museum. Entrance is for free, so if you ever want to see how many things Britain stole from Greece, Rome and Persia, go check it out!
And then there is me, having a thing for floors. Can’t really explain it…
… Walking along The River Thames…
Aaaaaand action! First night… Lebanese food, and it was SO DELICIOUS!
Second round…
Day two… Maltby St. Market!
… With probably the best cup of coffee I ever had! – This one was not mine tho… Mine was bigger…
I have been to London in 2009 but I never good to see Tower Bridge… So yesterday we had to cross it! It is kind of a LEGO building… It was cold as f%&#k, but the sun was out and the view was perfect.
Before heading to dinner and before picking up my bag so that I could go straight to my National Express bus, we went home through Hyde Park. Perfect reminder of why I love autumn.
Last but not least, we went to DF Mexico. Wonderful food and a pregnant cousin in the back ground. great ending for a great weekend.

Now I just have to make a presentation about sustainable fashion and finish the magazine, and I can consider this monday well productive…

And of course squash tonight…

Enjoy your day

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