The New Forrest

I don’t know why but I have a thing for industrial metal constructions // In the train towards the forrest

I don’t know about Denmark or any other place, but yesterday’s Essex was fairly warm, a little sunny and not windy at all. We went mountain biking in The New Forrest which is just a little west of Southampton and it was amazing to be back on a bike!

My perfect tour guide showcasing some wonderful British architecture
Apparently it is pony round-up season… Which means they run everywhere… It was absolutely beautiful and horrifying with a flock of ponys running towards you
Reminds me of some part of Denmark
Say hey to Ferdinand… Absolutely fluffy… And yes, he was just wondering the woods
Biking all day…
… And of course… The food breaks
Lunch break #2
It’s weird for me to have so big emotions about a picture, but I do about this one…
So first we had Ferdinand and now we present Heinz
And then just a last little gem! Look at this wonderful little castle

So I just thought I would share this wonderful day with you guys.

Enjoy your monday

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