Current living #3 – One year anniversary

From last Sunday in Snowdonia National Park // That weird one with all the colours is from the Dutch invasion

It has been one year – one year since I started this blog – and I kind of… Can believe it! The last year have been filled with amazing experiences and people, but it has flown away with a speed that scares me! New education, amazing new people, reconnection with old people, new dreams, travel, new city – again, new country and soon a master thesis that should begin (let’s wait a bit to talk about that though).

I keep mentioning things that I want to dig into on this blog, so I thought today should be one of those days. I just had a walk down memory lane and looked through some of my old posts, and I do begin to see a pattern (which was also intended, so I suppose that is a good thing). My original purpose with this blog was to talk about current living, passion and things that makes me happy. It has turned into a personal blog, more or less, but I don’t think that can be avoided – and I don’t want it to, either.

The last year has for me been an eye opener into what I want my life to look like. I suppose it is a natural thing to happen when starting a new chapter that basically focusses on what your future plans are – master in culture and communication – but more than just what kind of work I want to do, I have figured out what kind of life I want to live. For me, that is key!

Back on track. I want to talk about my impatience. I don’t use this word as a bad adjective, but it is one fitting for me. I think I have always known. When younger and dreaming about what I wanted to do, I always talked about not being chained to one spot and about living a life with changes. I kept on rearranging my room because I needed diversity and I have never been good at sports with long endurance – don’t think I will ever run a marathon… I’d be bored. The past three years have given me stuff to think about, and especially this last spring have raised my focus on self-reflection.

The coaching sessions that I have attended during NNDT, the amount of changes in my life and the fact that I am reaching a new end and therefore a new beginning is forcing me to think about the future, and I am not scared at all. I have thrived with the hectic (seen from the outside) life that I have been living. I want to keep on living this way. I just have to figure out a way to make it possible. A way to have a base and still change location and way of life all the time.

See: Pictures on a wall

This blog works as some sort of diary to me and it is wonderful to be able to share my happiness with other people. I really do hope you enjoy it and I personally look forward to things to come.

Now, however, I will go buy football tickets till when my parents come visit next week.




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