Maarten at some very focused moment

Sunday… I woke up at 04.50 because of a weird knock on my door, which I still don’t know ever happened and of course i couldn’t sleep again afterwards. Well, I had to get up at 05.15 anyway so it didn’t really matter. It was just weird!?

Sunday was roadtrip day. The smallest house in England, Conwy castle and Snowdonia national park was on the menu. I won’t tell you much more, but enjoy the photos. It was absolutely beautiful and it was together with wonderful people. For me it was a reminder to myself. I have been talking about this current living way of life before, but lately I have felt a bit out of focus. This snapped me right back in place.

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A GOT feeling
The quietness was unbelievable… Moist weather and no sounds at all
Laury… That’s not awkward at all…
Even though I call them flying rats, the colours are amazing in this little fellow
The amount of people taking pictures though…
Look at this place… It’s like magic
There are sheep and goats everywhere in this country… I mean E V E R Y W H E R E
By Laury
Sometimes you just need to have an important conversation on a piece of machinery… Apparently

This was a wonderful trip and I would recommend it to everyone. It gives me such an enormous amount of piece, quiet, laughter and joy to spend all this time with wonderful people and I can’t ever imagine not to experience the world without. I wanna travel more, I have said that for a long time, but I also wanna keep on meeting wonderful people that can enrich my life in the same way as these people do. For me this is perhaps one of the ways I can explain current living to people. Do things that makes you laugh, and stay in the moment.

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Lots of love

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