Pictures on a wall

This picture is from the folder that got me to find pictures. It’s from my trip to Norway in June, with people I really miss.

England is treating me wonderfully, it really is. I am, however, living in a dorm room and therefore having little personal affects ment for decorating… That brought me to order some pictures last week!

Those who follow my Instagram might have noticed my joy yesterday evening, when I received these lovely ones!

The company from whom I ordered is called LALALAB. and it’s the second time I use them. And it is SO easy! You just download an app and upload the pictures you wanna print.In the beginning of this semester I had my last coaching session with NNDT. I was free to choose which ever theme in the session I wanted and I chose to dig into my impatience (I’ll write about that some other time) which is quite well developed. We reached a point where I had to think about how to have a base and an anchor, when I wanna travel as much as I dream about in the future. I think I have figured it out!

Just another snapshot. Here with a picture I took with Mias camera in Oslo…

My friends… My family as well for sure, but my friends! The really good ones! They, for me, can work as something I can come back to, and as I realized it, I felt the need to bring them with me as well.. therefore… Tadaaah! A wall of amazing people, to be developed in the future.

Cut-out of my wall

I would recommend this for everyone, and if for no other reason, then to have some physical pictures present in your life once in a while.

There is a full moon going on at the moment, so now I’ll take a nap, before socializing tonight with the squash team I joined.

Take care

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