Well… The two old ones does not belong, but everyone is right on!

We went to Bournemouth on Sunday! Even though it was one of those days where you don’t really do anything specific it was a really great one, and the beach and the park are just beautiful spots that everyone should see, given the chance.


St. Peters Church
Ingrid and Laury
Ingrid, Laury and Emie (all from my flat!)
Beautiful Emie
Okay maybe I shouldn’t try to push her into the water…
… Clearly she would retaliate! That is what spirit animals do, unfortunately
Greeeeeat peps! (mostly from the 5th floor)
Damn it if we will have a beer even though we didn’t have that much sun at the end of the day…
This picture I took of sweet Max describes perfectly how I feel about the sea! It is beautiful, quiet and very intimidating… In a good way if that is possible…

Hope you liked it!

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