Balenciaga and the V&A

Outside the V&A // Good to have some peeps to take pictures!

First trip with school over here, and I am already in love! Wednesday I went to London with my fellow Fashion Journalism students to see the Balenciaga exhibit at the V&A museum!

People who have known me for some time knows that I have a soft spot for well crafted things, and this was no exception! I mean waaaauw! The attention to detail and the fabrics were amazing… even though some of the dresses were a liiiittle colorful for my taste, I really enjoyed everything about it!

Probably my favorite! A cape and dress in one! And a x-ray next to, to see the details
Double effeckt // Cape and skirt in one

I have never been to the V&A so that was also a great experience in general. Just their architecture and the wonderful garden was worth a visit… And they do have a free entry, so I would recommend everyone to give it a go!

From one of the other rooms // Look at all the details!
I have a thing for beautiful floors! I love them… Cant help it!

This trip was as I said, with some of the Fashion Journalism students and it was great to get to know some of these lovely ladies as well… So far I have mostly been spending time with people from my flat!

From the inside garden // Absolutely quiet in the middle of London!

Tonight there will apparently be a party in all of our building, so I better get ready! I did nothing today, so that should change… But who can say no to a whole day of pancakes, “How to be single” and “New Girl”!? In peejays? Really?

Love the fact that my nails are getting strong and long… And loooove that I had a slow day…
… Like really slow!

Enjoy your weekend!

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