The Dutch invasion

Hey peps! First week, more or less… We didn’t do much actually; checked into the school, got a doctor, danced, went to Ikea (all in a weird order). As I suspected my flat mates are really great, but we seriously have a Dutch invasion. I mean, they are everywhere!! It might be that I have an attraction of them, but I don’t know how. I have however come to enjoy it (and them) quite a lot. Who wouldn’t when their word for a snacky guy is “lekkerding”.

Carcasonne // Emie was very clever and brought it from the Netherlands… Unfortunately Ingrid is beating the s**t out of us!
I realized that my Dutch invasion and I have a great thing in common (sorry there are also some amazing people from Austria, Spain and Finland… And one more from Denmark!). The love of board games! However, I will need to up my game if I am ever to go on the scoring board! (I’m in room 04).

Yes… Ingrid is in room 08
Tomorrow I’ll go to London with my Fashion Journalism class to see the Balenciaga exhibit at the V&A museum, and I can’t wait! I’ll give you a review!

Take care

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