Arrived in Southampton

Ready, set, GO! And with my new bangs…

Hey guys! Just want to give you a quick recap of what happened the last two days. I have moved to Southampton for half a year, and my trip started yesterday as it happens. I got up fairly early, and I am so lucky, because I have a mom who offered to drive me to Billund Airport. We arrived at 8.30 and I had a plane at 10.20, so easy peasy time to manage everything on time! Great.

I can’t help but laugh because of my sweet mom… She took a million pictures, but it’s nice, isn’t it?

After checking in, I bought a juice and a bun and just sat down to watch the planes and wait for my own. Just spend the time listening to podcast… I did that for more or less the whole trip! It is such a weird feeling sitting and waiting for such a long trip. Not like any feeling I have ever had and I can’t quite describe it.

Sitting with my passport ready, right before takeoff! BTW! look at the details on my new bag! It is so beautiful!

Arriving in London Stansted was quite unstressful. You can’t really take a wrong train. The sun was out and the train was very nice actually. Then London Liverpool street, that’s another story… I was completely lost, heavy bags and all… Same in Waterloo… Same in Southampton actually, cause the busses didn’t know where I wanted to go. I got a cap.

The welcome at Lucia Foster Welch, well THAT was amazing. I had such a long day (I arrived at 15.30) and they were so sweet, so talkative and just wonderful. After getting my room however I realized a need for food. And for plates and knives and cups. Both Ikea and Tesco got a visit for me, but THEN I had to sleep!

Today I tried to find the water, but apparently, it has been custom to build parking houses next to the water in this city, so I’ll give it a go some other day. I did however had the chance to meet some of my flat mates whom seem wonderful. So wonderful in fact that we are going to play pool and grab a beer in a second, before getting ready for school which starts tomorrow!

Well… This wasn’t quick was it! Well well…
Enjoy your evening

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