All packed and ready

From when I packed down the apartment, to move to the country side… Before I cut my hair…

I’m all packed and ready, and I feel a complete lack of control! Normally I make lists, and normally I have everything mapped out, early on.. apparently not this time.. I’m not scared.. And I’m not sad.. There are some formalities linked to the sign up, at the university that I am not quite sure what I am supposed to do with, and I think that’s my only issue.. But today, doing nothing, it has turned into quite a big thing… I think (hope) it will be alright though…

My second, but most organized, re-packing…

As I said, I am all packed, and I even have some kilos left to play with.. but no space, so what does that help.. I have re-packed a few times, cut things off and added other things, but I think I’m all set now.. anyway, how am I to know what to use for half a year…?

Dinner with los familios yesterday

Yesterday my siblings and grandparents came to have dinner and give hugs, so I suppose there is nothing left for me to do, than to say au revoir… (I just watched Coco avant Chanel, and it got me in a French state)

I will now enjoy this wonderful stormy Monday with my mom, and then go to bed (early??)… I’m flying at 10.20 tomorrow..

I’m so happy and excited for new things to happen, and this will be an amazing experience for me! And a weird form of simple living.
Enjoy the feeling of fall…

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