A quiet Copenhagen

The sun is out, my body says stop and I have my ice coffee… This is perfect

I’m walking down the street. It is completely empty. It is Sunday morning and it is the hours precisely in between drunk people and open stores. The quiet is deafening. I have my friend at my side, which is a good thing. I have been dancing all night and I am struggling with the balance of both a bike and a coca cola… This means that he takes the bike. We are in search of coffee and a croissant.

On my way from Amager to Nørreport Sunday morning… You don’t really finds this view anywhere else… Since there is only one of these bridges… I suppose?

This scenario was from this Sunday. Saturday I was dancing… And singing… with the girls from school and I think we went to bed at 6 in the morning. And I had to meet up with FQ at 9. Sacré Bleu! We went to the Royal Danish Playhouse and looked at the water and the world championship in SUP. The sun was out and this is the most wonderful time of year. The September sun creates something completely unique.

Over there, by the opera, the small dots are SUP’ers… And Denmark won! What up!
Sunday also brought the need of burgers. #gasolinegrill // You should try it!

I’m back home now and I love to be on the country side. It is a good thing that I get a dose of this, before I leave in PRECISELY A WEEK! Wuhuuuu… But for crying out loud, I miss Copenhagen! This wonderful, beautiful, quiet, noisy city, that really is one of a kind. Especially in weather like we had this weekend. That helps a lot… Really… Relax Line, you’ll survive it!

Back on focus… Can’t wait until Tuesday… It is going to be epic!
Have a lovely day

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