People I admire #2: Nynne

I love this beauty!

It’s been a while since I made the first one of these… People I admire… But yesterday I saw one of them again. My ex-boss/good friend/partner in crime: Nynne. I’m back in Copenhagen for a few days, just to get a last feel of the city before I leave for England. First stop yesterday was Nynne. She picked me up at the train station btw. How sweet is that?

Nynne is – to simplify – a decorator (see some of her work here!). But that’s really just a small thing of what she does. I met her years ago when she was looking for someone to do some graphic work for her, and we have been doing all sorts of weird things ever since (she is from Funen as well as me, which can get a bit out of control some times). She has a completely unique style when she is decorating, and besides from several shops that she fixed, she has also decorated a lot of private homes – latest: her own! She is on board in this giant renovation (simultaneously with moving in with her boyfriend) and I DO NOT KNOW how she/they manages! New kitchen, all new painted floors, new walls, new furniture… But it looks amazing. On top of that, they just made their kitchen table and kitchen bench from scratch. And what happens when I come visit? They are completely relaxed and serves coffee and cake! No stress, what so ever.

The kitchen table from above… With cake! (and apples)

This is one of the reasons I admire this woman. She has worked ever so hard – for years – but now she is SO close to just doing what she loves! Nothing else. And that is admirable. She can still have fun, while working hard, her plans can at times (mostly for everyone else) seem chaotic, but SHE GETS THE JOB DONE! And in great success! And she can take breaks and enjoy her life without her systems falling apart. But she does have systems, and she does have a slight OCD – just like me. I think that is why we work so well together. We both know it and we can both laugh about it – thank God!

The last thing I just briefly want to mention, is her latest (is it her latest?? I never know) big project – besides from the apartment. She decorated Cramers Studio in Copenhagen. IT IS AMAZING. I just briefly went there to see it yesterday when parting with her, and I can really see Nynnes touch. Honey! I am ever so proud!

Cramers Studio! Clean, functional and SO Nynne!!

Now as I said, I am in Copenhagen the next couple of days, and I am going to see so many sweet people… and I’m crashing M&M’s apartment (my cousin and her wonderful boyfriend) which is actually the same apartment that I lived in, right before moving back to Odense (it is so weird to be here, with different furniture). I will keep you updated on Instagram, and maybe I will even have time to write one more time before going back!

Anyway, have a nice Friday – I’m at the moment sitting alone in the apartment, since my cousin has her first day at University – Yay… And Mikkel made me a wonderful cup of coffee before he left for work! I am spoiled! Later I will have a quick trip down to the inner city of Copenhagen, to fix my duffle bag before bringing it to Southampton… It is the best thing I have bought in a long time (and this is NOT sponsored).

Tonight is just going to be slow.
See you soon



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