Mini-crushes and music

Now this one was amazing… Home baked buns, pulled pork, coleslaw and parsley
There has been a festival in town, and I have used it for goodbyes! Friday some of the guys from NNDT and me, went out for a beer and a lot of dancing. This included goodbyes in the middle of the night, since some of them went straight to the train either during the night or first thing in the morning. Alcohol, tiredness and goodbyes do not go well together for me! Damit!

Miss, miss, miss already!
This weekend, Odense has been hosting the H. C. Andersen festival – Of course this is the festival we are known for… Haha… Now but this festival includes quite a bit of music, and Saturday afternoon/evening I therefore spend with Mia and Fabi from NNDT. A second goodbye. Good for me! The concert was quite good despite of the fact that I felt too old… Way too old… for the music. On top of that, everything was in Danish, which can prove a challenge when traveling with a German pack!

Me, Mia and Fabi… What is not to like…
After the concert, we went to Flakhaven – the city hall in Odense – to see a music/theater/firework piece of art and that, ladies and gents, was beautiful! Simple as that! I can keep on saying this, but these people have come to mean a great deal to me, and especially Mia, is some sort of a weird, wonderful, Asian (German) soulmate of mine! Thank God she is planning on staying in Denmark for some time!

We had to try… I’ve become stronger (CrossFit) and I think it is a nice development… Maybe not so feminine tho…
I ended that wonderful day by going to bed at 1, and for me, that concludes a marvelous Saturday…

The weekend keeps on giving since I, this morning, went to CrossFit (I am obsessed at the moment, I love this workout or community which is maybe more accurate) and had the opportunity to say goodbye (YES I KNOW!! One more) to a very new but very dear friend. I keep surprising myself, when it comes to the speed of me getting attached to people. I suppose it’s like getting mini-crushes. I “fall in love” with people in an instant, if they give me the right vibe. Well this person has become very dear to me, and now I have to say “see you later, in half a year” before I even feel like I have gotten to know him… The struggle is REAL!

The rest of my Sunday has been quite uneventful! I am constantly trying to get everything ready (mostly papers by now) for England, and I have a paper to write, so I have looked into that for a bit, but otherwise I finished the day off with a delish pulled pork burger and some Elementary on my tablet.

Now this post was just supposed to be super brief, but what do you know!

Have a nice Sunday evening

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