A goodbye

When walking around the lake in Kolding, near sunset, one really experiences a lot of nice views… Here is one!

I have stopped being bored!! Yay! – And basically it’s also just a state of mind anyway, I suppose! This week I have been working in my New Nordic Design Thinking program (in Kolding), with the issue of hospitalization of elderly homes. It has been SO interesting, and the best thing about NNDT, is that we actually present our project to real companies and real people!

On the fifth floor in SDU Kolding… Wearing whatever I’m not bringing to England.

It’s Friday morning, as I write this, and now I only need to finish the last paper from this program, and it’s about the challenges, but also chances, of group work! Which I find myself to be really interested in! Then NNDT will be done for good. That, on the other hand, is horrible! I have come to treasure these people SO much, and it will be hard to say goodbye to them! It is interesting how you come to really treasure people that you only have met 3x a week, but non the less, this is what has happened! Thank God, some of them are coming to my home tonight, before we go out for dancing and drinking!

On top of that, I actually only have a few days left in the apartment (and all that comes with it)… before I’m moving to the countryside, then have a trip to Copenhagen (yet again), and THEN, I leave for Southampton! Half a year in England and I can’t wait!!! 35 kg, half a year and the seaside nearby! What is not to love!!

I’m more or less packed… The bags you know… But I also need to clear out my room, so that my sister and her boyfriend can move in! Line! Get going! … Now!!

I kinda missed train travel! Bear in mind that I used to commute back and forth from Copenhagen, and before that from Odense to Aarhus… This is from Monday, when going to the first meeting in Kolding.

I think I’ll do it tomorrow… Now I need to get ready for a last trip to Kolding, and a goodbye that I dread… See you in a bit peps!


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