Three month later…

At Klampenborg // BTW I LOOOOVE my new sunglasses from Fleye!!

I have had an amazing summer. Just saying. Let me tell you why; First of all… When summer began, I had nothing specific planned – bear in mind that this is 3,5 month of no plans. Holy F**K!! I knew a few things. I knew that I wanted to spend a week in Copenhagen, I knew I wanted to go to Holstebro and to the western sea – as you know. I also knew that I wanted time to do nothing and be impulsive. This was my first summer in 4 years, and for me, it should be enjoyed, while I can, since next year will be all work yet again. These 3,5 month is a way of experiencing a weird form of freedom. I kind of liked it.

It started in Oslo… I already told you this, but I still think back on it with such affection… The sweetest people and the nicest weather EVER. For me, it was also a way of experiencing another way into the design industry, which gave me a new hope of going back one day. First and foremost, we were – after all – attending a conference.

After Oslo I had a BLAST at Tinderbox. Good people, nice music and wonderful food. I still think back on it with great joy, and I am surprisingly stoked about the-almost-sober-festival-experience that I enjoyed. It really made me stay in the moment and embrace the music.

After Tinderbox, I had one of the non-specific weeks that there have been quite a few of, this summer. I have really enjoyed just being impulsive, having time for coffee or spontaneous outings. I have been in the zoo (quite a few times) with my very good friend Sara, and her son, I have started cross fit, which I am super obsessed about – it is so much fun!! I have been running and doing morning swims. Aaaaand I have been dancing. The best thing about my move to Funen this January, was that I ended up living in the very center of the city. If people write me or ask me to go out, I can be ready in 10 minutes, and get out the door. It really invites spontaneity, which I love. In a weird way, it makes me do more things. And all of this sounds really great. I have also watched a LOT of series and movies… Just to be fair… And been ever so lazy!

This is truly a sum up of me being lazy. Sitting in my bed, snacking. Preferably in light colors, so that I just feel a tiny tiny bit fashionable… Ha ha ha… It’s funny because… It’s true.

After one week of a break from Tinderbox, I went to Holstebro – you know this – and the week after, straight to Copenhagen. I was only home for one day! I had a fully packed week in CPH, with different people every day. Thank god, the weather was really nice, and my wonderful friend Maria let me camp in her apartment, at least for some days, so I didn’t have to bring everything everywhere. I saw old friends for lunch, went swimming (again), worked out – quite a lot, saw my Pendlerkidz (the girls that I study with, which live in Copenhagen and commute back and forth to Odense for school – the girls I used to commute with myself) and went to the race course at Klampenborg – where I got tricked into appearing in their new commercial… By my old boss… Fancy that. For me it was such a great way of spending a “holiday in Copenhagen”: A lot of people and a lot of fun!

Well… If I some day move back to Copenhagen, I’ll need to live in this house… Isn’t it wonderful?
Crossing the lakes with my dear friend Mr. Andersen
And with FQ, I went swimming. And got to try how far my new lens for my camera can zoom. You gotta love the danish sea side!


Band picture // Love my Penderkidz
Even though Maja apparently is… Very angry…?
Simone is not, though… Lots of love and lots of style!
Aaaaah… She just needed Karo and some space.
Grandma’ 1 & 2… (I’m nr. 3)


Casually hanging.

This was in the middle of July. When I look in my calendar, it seems I haven’t had big plans since, but there is one very big, important, wonderful thing a want to point out – besides from the fact that the last few weeks have been some of these non-specific ones. The thing I want to point out is my old crew – with adjustments. However, I just realized how long this post already is, so I will drag the suspense and write them their own wonderful tribute later this week! For now I will just say that they are most treasured, and some of the people that I will miss the most, this coming fall, when – TADAAA – I am going to be in England. Wuhuuu.

This summer has been long and without much activity on this page, but now I’m back, I’ve missed it, and I’m looking forward to an active and fun new season.

Have a nice day

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