The water

Pernille took this! Thank you… I didn’t even know…

I said it before. I love it… L O V E it… The water. All kinds of water, actually. The last couple of days, therefore were next to perfect. I went to visit a friend, in Holstebro, Denmark and for that trip, I only had one wish. I wanted to go swimming in the western sea. For me, it’s the ideal coastline of Denmark, I’ve been there a million times during my childhood and I missed it. I haven’t been there in years. It has broad white beaches, a LOT of wind, ginormous waves, sand dunes with lyme grass and NO people. Pure peace and quiet.

My true element

You know how lucky I am? We went!! I am still completely high… I think that the moment we arrived, I turned three years old again. The girls told me so, anyway. I sprinted up the dunes, sat down on my knees and just started laughing. I couldn’t even stop… Even though my breath disappeared (from sprinting, that is! Embarrassing). I ran down the hill and went straight into the sea. It was freezing, but that’s my favorite kind… In Denmark, anyway. Suppose it’s my Viking-blood. I kept giggling… I don’t even know what happened.

Perfect #1
… And #2
While I can’t leave the sea alone, P and M look at stones…

This happened on Thursday. On Friday, I went to a silver wedding, in Ry. It was hosted at Knud Hule seaside hotel, near a big lake. I wasn’t planning on going swimming at that place. I wanted to keep the feeling of the western sea fresh in memory. For me, salt water is very special and unique. But then we went there. The water was perfectly clear, the lakebed was pure sand and it just screamed at me! Unfortunately, when I realized, I didn’t have time to go in. Not that day anyway. That day we were celebrating love. The ONLY excuse to not go swimming. we were celebrating some friends of my family, and I practically grew up with them as an extra pair of uncle and aunt. The party was wonderful and completely in their spirit. I believe they had a blast… And isn’t that the goal?

If living near the seaside is impossible, I will settle for this…

Next morning, waking up in a little cottage shared with my brother, mom and dad, I had the time. The time to go into the lake. Mamma graciously volunteered to come, just to hold my towel. No water for her. It was everything I dreamed of. I don’t understand how these great things keep happening to me! I am ever so happy, all the time! It does, however, make me more and more sure about the necessity for me, to live near the water. Preferably on top of it, actually. I’ll have to come up with a solution for that!

The rest of the weekend, I spend at my parents house. My second heaven on earth! I can officially feel the summervibe… Especially with greens from the garden.

For me, current living is about a lot of things… You might have noticed. And there doesn’t even need to be a label. But the essence, for me, is that I do what feels right, when it feels right, and that I do it for me. If my body and mind isn’t in it, the result won’t be right. Also, it is about getting in touch with one’s self. These kinds of experienced keeps reminding me, what is really important to me, and I should live life accordingly. If the seaside and a morning swim makes me giggle, that tells me something that I shouldn’t dismiss!

Hopefully this will make you consider things in your own life
Enjoy your day/evening/whenever you read this and continue with something else…

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