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Outfit of day 3! Back to my “black-outfit-roots” // Photo by my sweet friend Anne

It’s been almost a week, and I still reap the joy from it. This morning started with a run and a workout, and then I went home to prepare my brothers birthday breakfast. He turns 25 today, and tomorrow we will have my mom, grandmother and granddad over for brunch. But no morning without coffee, a croissant, jazz on the speaker and a game of chess – which apparently is our B-day tradition in this apartment. Now however, he went back into his room to game with some of his boys, and I have changed the music. To Jacob Dinesen. This is the reason, I thought of writing this post. I will give you a list of the amazing things I experienced during this year’s Tinderbox festival in Odense.

The concert where I lost my voice – Thomas Helmig – I can’t help it, it’s a childhood addiction. And the best act on Friday!

The greatest surprise – Jacob Dinesen – Have heard some of his music before, but this concert, Saturday morning, in pouring rain was truly amazing! Thank you, I had an amazing time.

From Jacob Dinesen concert // Pouring rain and selfies under the plastic

The biggest walk down memory lane – must be Kim Larsen – Imagine how it must feel to have a lifetime of hits, that everyone can sing along to. On top of that, we heard half of this concert in the ferriswheel.

The concert with the most love – Lukas Graham for sure!! His only concert this year, in Denmark, and I think even he was blown back by the audience! It looked like it, anyway.

The weirdest fun out-of-body-dancing-experience – Die Antwoord – I had never heard their music, but they are CRAZY!! I love it!

Best concert of Thursday – Magtens Korridorer – Had so much fun with one of my friends, just yelling and dancing. Thanks RK!

Best dance party – Sean Paul – for sure! That was FUN… Aaaand I saw him with my best friend!

Other concerts worth of mentioning, for me, is; Tina Dickow, D-A-D, Tove Lo, Kings of Leon, Suspekt and Run DMC. There were of course a lot of other artists, but these really made an impact. For me it was amazing with a festival program where I had someone that I wanted to experience almost all the time!

The last day brought a lot of rain… But also glitter

On another notion, Tinderbox have a GREAT food game! There are all these amazing gourmet booths, and my eyes couldn’t get enough. I want to mention Werner’s porksandwich, Burger Anarchy’s well… Burger and best of all; Nordc Shawarma from Spiselauget.

Nordic Shawarma // Spiselauget
Porksandwich // Werner’s grill… And rain!

I had an amazing festival, with amazing people. What more can you wish for? Ouh wait… One more thing. I was a volunteer, and I build one of the stages, with some great, GREAT people from Cross Fit Copenhagen… Which has brought the result of me changing from fitness to cross fit, until I leave for England in September.

I love this crazy-sweet person! And I’m gonna miss her, when in England

Now I will spend the rest of the day buying presents, cleaning and apply for funds for my exchange in Southampton. And if anyone was wondering, these kinds of experiences is part of my view of current living. Doing things you love!
Have a great weekend when you reach it!



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