Current living #2 – Check in

At the seaside in Oslo. I was laughing

I know… I KNOW! It’s been forever! I have just been doing a lot of stuff, finishing my exams, enjoying spring… and summer… And simple I haven’t had the drive for writing. But I have now! I actually kind of missed it.

In this writing moment, I am laying in a bed, in a hostel in Oslo. I’m attending a design conference with my talent program, and it will start tomorrow. Should be interesting. The fact that it starts tomorrow, gave us time to explore a bit of Oslo today. THIS CITY IS BEAUTIFUL! I have never been here, but it is amazing. We checked in – and changed clothes, since the weather here is sunny apparently, especially compared to Denmark – and then went around, enjoying tourist spots and had FUN (my instastory would testify). My top moment being staying at the seaside, looking at the horizon. Yes… The horizon, filled with mountains.

Okay, back on track! It’s been a while, and I thought I wanted to check back in! I missed writing. But then again, I had a break for a reason. I have a lot of focus on doing what is good for you, and I have spent a lot of time at my parent’s place, in school, in the sun and so on. For me it does not make sense write when you don’t feel like it. The content might not be my best, and it will feel like an irritating chore.

Since I started with this current living journey I have been adding more and more yoga into my workout routine. Together with the yoga, I found this app, called Insight Timer. It’s a meditation app, where you can get guided meditations, do your own sessions, and share experiences. I think I have always been open to alternative practices, but I have never considered meditation. Then one of the guides, in the app, mentioned that if I would try if for ten days in a row (it’s a free app) I would feel a difference. I thought I might try it, and guess what. Yes… I DO feel a difference. Even some of my friends noticed. I’m more relaxed, I don’t have as many doubts about myself, my look or my abilities. AND I feel grounded and connected to myself. I can only recommend it! For sure.

Golden gratitude journal // In a hostel in Oslo

Another thing I started doing, is a thing I heard on a podcast. The Mind Palace Podcast. It is two girls talking about mindfulness, simple living and being in the now. Well… One of the girls keeps this gratitude journal. Every morning she writes three things that she is thankful for, and three values that she would like people to notice. I started doing the same thing, and it is actually amazing, that you can keep on writing new things that you are thankful for. Every day. Sometimes it is big things, and others it’s just small things. It is still fantastic. I have been writing since the beginning of May, and even though sometimes it can feel unnecessary, I think it is a good lecture to remember some significant things that you are grateful for. Today, however I changed something. Instead of writing which qualities I would like people to notice in me, I started writing which qualities I would like to have. Today it is: Responsible, Spontaneous, Truthful. The difference is the focus on what I should BE instead of what people should THINK. I think it is an important lesson for me. Focus on being you, regardless of what people think.

Wauw. This ended up being a long one. For me, these two steps have really helped me getting a more balanced and relaxed lifestyle. Perhaps it can do something for you.

Have a great evening

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