Breakfast is served: Chia porridge

Fashion that changed the world, and great breakfast. I can survive that!

So as some of you – who follows me on Instagram – might have picked up, I have a new breakfast addiction. I recently decided to quit milk based products, and this forced me to think in new solutions…

My result became chia porridge. Not because of the non-milk challenge, because at the moment I base it on rice milk from Naturli’. I guess it was just a change of scenery that I needed, to tricker my mind.

3 tablespoons of chia seeds
2 dl. of milk (or 1 milk and 1 water if you want to save)

  • Place it in a glass jar over night
  • In the morning, turn it, until the porridge is even (about 2 minutes)
  • If you use frozen fruit, poor boiling water over them
  • Cut some fresh fruit
  • Tadaaa

Non the less… I am crazy obsessed with this phenomenon, and when you add some fruit, it’s the most delicious morning refreshing ever. I have some different examples of what I like to add to my chia, but you could just choose your favorite fruit.H

Raspberry and peach
Raspberry and mango
This is my travel kit, which a brought to New Nordic Design Thinking. And in the morning, I added banana
Raspberry and blackberry… Evil combination! I love it!
The greatest thing… Its easy to bring with you! This is from yesterday morning on my balcony, listening to podcast! Finally summer is here! (Peach BTW)

Hope you enjoyed this… Have an amazing day

Ps. My non-milk adventure really helps my skin… Just so you know!

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