Current living #1 – The beginning

This is from my parents garden from this weekend. It is one of my favorite spots!

So… I have mentioned several times, that I want to explain what current living means to me. I spend my weekend thinking about how I should go about this, and I have decided to divide it into several posts.

For me it started with quitting my job. I had a job in Copenhagen, I worked within my field of education and it was nice people and all. But something was completely wrong. Every morning when I woke up, my stomach hurt and it was a drag to get out the door.

My spare time was amazing, I saw a lot of great people and I enjoyed Copenhagen, but for me it wasn’t enough. For sure, I think the fashion industry is exiting and vibrant, but I felt I was in the wrong position. Another issue for me, was that I felt a… You could call it neglect. I had this feeling that I came with all these great new ideas, I knew some things about the industry and about trends etc. and I never felt heard. For me it is like torture (I have later discovered).

I started looking for other jobs, I applied for master degrees in several universities, and I did a lot of brainstorming on what I could do. I even considered taking a call center job in Barcelona, even though these kinds of jobs are on my list of what never to do!

I didn’t get in to any university… And the amount of free jobs in the fashion industry, could be counted on less than one hand. I was ever so sad, and I almost gave in. There was only half a year left on my contract. But what then, after that? There would still be no jobs, and I was not sure that I even wanted a job as a fashion designer anymore?

Then I re-read a book. Not which I have mentioned earlier, but another one, by the same author. And one with a potentially tackier title… Pippi Power. & Pippi Power, both by Gitte Jørgensen

It’s basically about believing in yourself and figuring out what your strength is. That, combined with’s focus on finding out what has value to you, set me on a path. I started telling myself that the things that needed to happen would happen. More or less a week after this, my cousin – the one who is in Norway at the moment – told me about these late-application possibilities, and I found a program (Culture and communication) that I wanted to do, even more than the others that I have looked at. Imagine my luck.

… And I got accepted. A week before semester start. I had to hand in my notice with a week’s notice, and this is simply not okay. Fortunately, they were amazing about this and let me quit (I stayed there part time, though)

So this was the first big, important step for me. Focus on what really makes you happy. Don’t live your life feeling neutral… And believe that whatever happens is supposed to happen. You should fight for sure… But accept what comes.

I hope this started something, within your mind.

Have a great day

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