Dinner is served: Hotdog

My first food project of the day!

Yeah sorry, I have been gone for a while… School work… Lots and lots of it! But now part one (out of four) is almost done, and I got my focus back. I can say, that on the plus side, I have had time to do some good things for me even though I have been away from the blog.

I started working out again; Running – this morning… So yeah, I know… Might be too early to tell! – Pilates, Yoga and today a new class, called Body Flow which is a combination of Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi. I have also started on some other things, but more about this some other time!

Clearly not in shape! Me after my morning run at 7 am

I had an amazing day as it happens, I was done with the run AND the last page that I had to write, at 9 am, so I had the whole day to do things that made me relax. And I decided that I wanted to make food (sorry for the spam on my Instagram story).

Hotdogs… The Danish (??) kind! And I wanted to make as much as possible by myself.

Pickled cucumber
Pickled onions
Hotdog bread

So this was my main focus of today. Pickled cucumber, pickled onions, homemade bread, hotdogs and podcasts, and it has been amazing. I can go to bed, non-stressed, relaxed and stuffed with food! And this is the point I would like to bring to the table today. Even though you have a lot on your plate (not food!) you have to remember yourself! You are no good to anyone if you get too stressed out, so take some time and make some things that will make you relax. Look out the window for an hour, with coffee in a mug, make some food or walk for a couples of hours. It will do you good!

Dinner is served: Hotdog

Tomorrow another round of New Nordic Design Thinking awaits. Have a great evening


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