Gorm’s for lunch and back to New Nordic Design Thinking

Clearly I needed this.. Look how happy I am..

At the moment I have a lot going on, and I am keeping a lot of focus on staying in line. Yesterday I started the morning with some yoga and some chia pudding – YES, I KNOW it sounds too something, but for me it really is a great start of the day. Now. We have this big assignment that we are writing at the moment (in Culture and Communication) and this takes a lot of my focus. Tuesday however we got the content divided between us and this is for me, one of the best ways to stay on control. If I know exactly what to do, I can structure my time better, and also better adjust if something unforeseen comes up. This meant that yesterday I could really get started.

Well… I only wrote for some hours, because then me and Anne went to the opening of Gorm’s. This is one of the best pizzas I had in Copenhagen, and now they have opened in Odense! Yay… (and an hour of free pizza… Not bad either). But the line was enormous and we waited forever. Not a problem as such, if it wasn’t because I had to go to Kolding.

Perfect lunch spot! You can really feel the spring coming, and it is long overdue.

New Nordic Design Thinking – the talent program that I am enrolled in, are begging the second sprint. Three weeks starting from now. So Anne and me, got the pizzas, had time for a quick bite in the Kings Garden, and then I ate the rest on the train. Great lunch though.

This time the NNDT is about city planning, and I am so stoked! It is going to be such an interesting task, and my group is working with water, which is kind of a new area for me. Non the less, very interesting.

It must be clear to everyone that this is water? (Idea development)

The greatest thing for me, though, about starting up with NNDT again, is the people. I have some new acquaintances – especially one – whom I really missed. So it’s great to see everyone again, even though the second sprint come a bit inconvenient. Well… Aren’t we all busy sometimes?

So now, today I will spend on my C&C assignment, analyzing the gap between the different parts of the fashion industry. Which will be so interesting! And I will look forward for tomorrow when NNDT is back on the program.

I can also say that it is not the last time I go to Gorm’s. About time Odense had more than one great pizza spot!

Enjoy the sun for me today!


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