People I admire #1: Rosa

I had this thought that I might do a series of posts about people that I admire. It can be for anything. And I think I will start with my cousin.

Right after the church

She is only 13 years old, and just had her confirmation this weekend. She is a wonder child of three (her two brothers have a million talents as well) and she does theater, singing, dancing and she plays the violin (maybe the rest of us will be blessed with something else??). One of the things that I admire her for, is that she pursues her interests. Granted, it helps with the support of her parents, but still. She is so young, and she kind of already has a career within theater. I know, as a child-actor, but still.

The wonder kids

As I said, this weekend we went to her confirmation. As Danish traditions bids, there is a lot of speeches, entertainment, and so on. In my family, these things tend to be a bit embarrassing, and I remember my own confirmation with a hint of terror. I was so insecure! But what about Rosa? She just sits and smiles and laughs and seems like this girl who is in complete peace with herself!

Look at her! I can’t even begin to discribe this one!

I don’t get it! How can this young woman have so much control and inner peace? She even got asked to sing, with headphones on – for people who have tried this, you know that it can sound horrible, and that you tend to sing a bit soft, so that you do not hear all the flaws. What does she do? She sings at the top of her lungs, and it sounds amazing! I am baffled!

My sister finding a song for Rosa to sing

So! How lucky am I to be related to this young woman! She gives me a lot of inspiration, and hopefully she will inspire others in the future as well.

“Rosa… Will you do a quick pose??”

And she is beautiful!

Rosa and Vito (both actors at the H. C. Andersen plays)

Hope you enjoyed this – maybe at least the pictures, and have a nice evening.

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