The past

Standard breakfast before going to school… Where I am going after posting this.

Sometimes something from your past keeps haunting you. It’s not always bad things, but it is things that for some reason has ended. It can be friendships, relationships, school, a city that you lived in or whatever. I certainly know this feeling, and I am beginning to realize and detect whenever it appears. I think that it is good to remember, but I think that it is a bad thing if you keep thinking about things you could have changed, about what went wrong since it doesn’t exist anymore or why this or that decision was wrong or could have been changed. I might have a tendency to talk down at myself, and I am really trying to change that!

As I said, I am deliberately beginning to detect these feelings. When they appear, I try to really explore the feeling that it gives me, and then tell myself; “what’s done is done”. Then I will make an active effort to let the feelings go again. I don’t think they will ever be completely gone however. I see myself as a very empathic woman, and because of that, I am very much submitted to the will of my feelings. And I really care that people are happy. Both myself and others. That sometime results in me feeling horribly, because I wonder whether as if I have hurt or upset someone. Often it is not the case.

Now, if I can teach myself to detect when these stirrings from the past appear, perhaps I can teach myself to find peace with it, and then perhaps I can truly let go. Learn something from it, and let it go. After all, I think all friendships, relationships and experiences teaches us something.

Hope this gave you something to consider

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