When you suddenly realize what you should do!

I’m on such a high, right now!! I just came home from school, and we had a seminar about future possibilities. There was this amazing speaker, and she made me realize a few things!

When I walked out of there, I just kept rambling. Me and one of my friends who felt the same way, just kept talking and talking and TALKING!!! And this is when I think you should stop, think and then react. What is it that makes you tick in that way? Why does it give you such a high?

So, what this woman basically talked about was that your job should not feel like a job. It should feel like a passion. There has been a tendency, I think, to talk about your work as something you do from 9-5 and then go home and live your life. But think about it for a moment. Shouldn’t your job be something that made you jump up and smile? Made you do your best, because there is no way you could do anything else? After all, a lot of people define themselves though their job. I think that right now there is a movement towards something else, and I would like to explore this further!

This company that she represented is called Thornico and her job description is chief karma officer. The company is founded by Christian Stadil, so it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that this is a job description, but it was such a relief. Me and my friend talked about the fact that she apparently lived the life we didn’t even knew that we wanted! How about that!

Now… Back on track! I have struggled with defining what I should write my final thesis about – and granted, I still have a lot of time to figure this out – but I think I came to some kind of a conclusion. And actually, it also helped me narrow down the theme of this blog, really. I know I said earlier, that I want this blog to be about me, my life, people that inspire me, and current living (which i wrote about here and also kinda here). But especially this current living phenomena is something I would like to focus on. What make people tick, what make them smile and find inner peace?

I think I want to write my final thesis abut the tendency to frown upon people who are so passionate about their jobs that it seams unreal. And even the fact that I write that is seams unreal, says something about the attitude surrounding this. I want to focus on the fact that companies that actually do change their business strategy so that their employees have a better way of living and working, can actually see the outcome on their budget. My specific focus is still kind of diffuse, but I will start to narrow it down!

And then there is this blog. I really want it to be focused around current living, and I want to define this term more clearly to you… In the future. But basically, I believe that it’s about what feels right and reacting on impulse. And about being aware of the now! The first thing I have started to focus on, is my addiction to my cellphone. It has become surreal! I will write a post about this, in one of my next posts, but I can just tell you. It is too much!

Hope you will get something out of this. For me it helped me get out of my brain, but I am still on this amazing high! I feel like jumping up and down (and I feel a little ridiculous)!! I think I will go see some friends and drink a beer!

Have a great weekend! I know I will.

Lots of love

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