Tadaaa… Cleaned out!

When you know all your pieces by the feeling, because you can’t see whats in there #blackwardrobe

I have talked about cleaning out my closet like forever! I don’t need to let go of a lot, but I have things that I haven’t worn for years, and probably never will.

This morning I made myself a smoothie and sat down on my floor (I have bed rollers filled with all the things that are not on hangers). Do you know that feeling when you closet is so filled, you can’t close it, but you don’t really wear half of it? This is what my situation was like, and as a result, everything was completely chaotic.

Now, my closet has space, none of my things are cramped together, and I can actually divide my t-shirts into groups. This is very good for me, since my primary color in my closet is black. If everything is black, and you want to use all your clothes, you need – or I need – my t-shirts sorted from my tank tops or long sleeved.

Uuuh… And another bonus… I threw out all of my annoying underwear – you know what I talk about – so now I only have the nice and beautiful left! (Life is definitely too short for annoying underwear)

So yeah… Tadaaa… All cleaned out, and it is an enormous weight off my shoulders!

Now I will read some papers for tomorrow, drink some hot coco, and go to the gym later.

Have a great Thursday

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