My Easter

Picture from Wednesday, before the B-day party… First time with make-up for weeks!

So! This Easter has been great. In my family, we don’t have a lot of traditions, for meeting up and eating A LOT!! But still, it has been so great! Wednesday, I went to a birthday party for one of my girls, whom I have met through the talent program that I am enrolled in, called New Nordic Design Thinking. The great thing about such a program, is that you get to meet people with all sorts of different backgrounds, and for me, that is so great!

Thursday, my brother and I, got picked up by our mom, so that we could go home – to the countryside. At that time, I had slept for only one hour because we went out the night before, so I spend the day, doing absolutely nothing. However, doing nothing on the countryside is kind of great, because you really enjoy the peace and quiet. My parents have this big greenhouse attached to their house, and it makes for an amazing napping spot. (You might have seen on my Instagram page?)

Friday, we went to my cousin and my uncle’s birthday, and my cousin got to try on her dress (the one I made here) and it fit!! I had to correct two minor things, and it turned out amazingly well, if I do say so myself! She will send me some pictures this Friday, and I’m so excited!!

I have this very dear friend who spends 10 month abroad, and I miss her SO much! However, this Saturday she was back in Denmark, and she and her boyfriend payed me a visit for lunch! How lucky am I? They got overlapped by another pair of friends that I have, so the entire Saturday was spent on good friends (and good Gin). We ended up going out (again) and seeing some more of our mutual friends. Perfect Saturday mix-up!!

Look at these two amazing people! And this amazing bottle of Gin. The Gin, I got from my cousin (and her family) for fixing the dress, and it tastes so great! It is called The Botanist, and that, in itself is funny.

Sunday was spent in bed, like a good holiday Sunday should be! Very, VERY slow Sunday!

And then today I had to get back to reality! For me, that means homework and cleaning (and planning some new exciting things, which I will write some more about later), but with a mini-holiday like this, it is quite alright!

Hope you all had an amazing time as well! Remember to treasure your friends and see them as much as you can. For me, that is the best way to relax and be happy.

Have a great Sunday-Monday!

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