Wisdom from Ketut

My bedroom window is such a great place just to relax. Its a boring view really, but sometimes I just sit there, listen to podcasts and look out the window and it gives me such an energy boots that I allow myself these breaks.

You thought the spring was truly here, but no… Guess again! On such a gloomy day as today, it’s sometimes hard to smile. But try it. Try to enjoy a walk in the rain. If you wear a warm coat, you might forget that it is cold and you will end up some amazing places, like when me and my friend Anne went looking at street art.

I have a lot of friends who call me happy. And I am, for the most part. Everyone has bad days, and to that I am no exception. Some people (Alex!!) even call me annoyingly happy, but I know they love me, so I take it as a compliment.

I read something about happiness and about smiling the other day. The idea is that you should smile to yourself every day. It can be when you wake up (this is what I do, and I actually did it, before I read about it) but it can also just be sometime during your day. But smile. Smile with the whole of your body.

If any of you have seen (or read) “Eat, Pray, Love” there is a character called Ketut, who tells Liz (Julia Roberts) to smile with her head, heart and even with her lever. I am madly in love with this movie, and that might add to the fact that this advice hit me, but it did. Fundamentally I think it is a brilliant way of approaching life.

Back on track. I believe that if you can smile to yourself, it will fill you with energy and you will bring joy around with you. However as I said in the beginning, I am no exception to bad days. Some days I doubt myself and my plans, and as I am writing this, I have one of those days. Again. I think my plan for the rest of the day (until I go to a birthday tonight) will be to get as much as possible from my “famous lists” sorted – no, I am stil not done with them – and try do get some perspective. And then I will smile, and I will feel like it is actually deserved!

Have an amazing rainy day

Ps. Every time I see Eat, Pray, Love, I feel like traveling the world.

Pps. I once heard a danish poem which got me started on this smiling thing, and I can’t forget it:

Husk at smile før du sover
Så går dagens surhed over

Roughly translated:

Remember to smile before going to sleep
Then the gloominess of your day will truly recede

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