HOME #1 // Livingroom and kitchen

LAMPS: Normann Copenhagen and Silvan // POSTERS: Desenio // SQUARE POSTER: Collageart, Odense // TABLE: Home made // BENCH: Heirloom

I have talked about sharing a bit more of my interior decoration with you guys. I have decided to make it into a series, so today you’ll see our living room and our kitchen. It’s finally (almost) done, and I really love the result. We have a lot of old furniture, and I love the combination between old and new. I am lucky enough to count a lot of heirlooms in my collection, and I feel that it ads some history to the home.

LAMPS: Normann Copenhagen and Silvan // POSTERS: Desenio // TABLE: Home made // Chest: Heirloom // Chairs: Heirloom home painted

I really love my table. It’s made from building materials from my grandparents new house, and then my mom gave it lacquer – a million times. I got some of my granddads friends to make me the table legs (lucky me!!). My lamps – there are 7 – spreads out the light over the table really nice, and this, together with the bench and the chest invites to have several people visiting at once. For me, that is the essence of a home, so I am really happy! (ps; special thanks to my friend who helped me with all of my lamps! It took an entire day)

BOTTLE: Bolia.com // PAINTING: My mom // VASE: Créton Maison // GHOST (CALLED SPLIT BY ME): Studio Arhoj

Right behind my bench I have this little stilleben. I really love it, and especially Split (the ghost) since it was a gift from one of my best friends. It was given to me two christmases ago, in the hope that I would soon get a home, and now I have!!

BOOK BOXES: Ilva // BOXES: Hay and Housedoctor // GUITARS: Heirlooms // DAYBED: FDB // BLANKET: Inspiration
BOXES: Hay and Housedoctor

At the end of my dinner table these book boxes hang. For me, it gives some personality to add books in your home. However it should preferably be some books that you like or have read.

POSTER: Kortkartellet // DRAWING: My sister // ANTLER: Shot by my brother // CONCRETE VASE AND CANDLE STICK: Ilva // BOWL: Housedoctor // CERAMIC LIGHT BULB: KADK // TRAY: Hay // PICTURE: My grandmother // LONGBOARD: Naked

When going from the livingroom and into the kitchen – it is an open room all together – we have this dresser. On top of it I made another stilleleben which i find nice. Otherwise, it might become a place where you’ll leave your keys or other stuff. At the same time, it is a good spot for some of my design books – I have a hard time finding spots for all of them, since they are all very big.

POSTER: Desenio // HOUSE: Ilva // GOLDEN PINEAPPLE: Birthday present // LAMP: Second hand // COFFEE BOX: Vintage heirloom // BIKE: Ilva // VASE: Second hand // CUPBOARD: Heirloom // STOOL: Ikea // LADDER: Housedoctor // LEATHER BAG: Gift from Maria

Across from the dresser, this installation is placed. It is also across from the kitchen and this brings the two rooms together. Also, the stool is great to have here, so that it can either be put on the balcony or in the kitchen.

PICTURE: My mom // VASES: Netto and my parents house // MARBLE PLATE: Netto
In the cornflakes box we have mixed some cereal for our selves. It is a big money saver for us, and I kinda like the “old looking” box
Finally we have started to get some personalized things on the fridge. We have only added things we have gotten since we moved in, and it includes a konfirmation invite from my cousin who in my mind is still 10. Apparently she is not anymore

The kitchen is a standart one – we just rent the apartment – but in order to give it some personality there are some things you can do.  For me, the most important thing, is to add plants – as i also wrote here – and then to find some things that makes it more cosy. Thank God my brother had the cereal box!

My chaotic corner without a purpose

Finally, not to worry! I have a chaotic corner as well. It is my plan that I should have some shelves in the corner, but for the moment, it contain things that is either going to the basement or to my parents house. Who knows when that will happen!

Have a great sunday, and I do hope you liked it.

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