Get shit done!


I’m so super lazy sometimes! Especially when I’m busy, which might sound contradicting. If I have too much to do, I am in a kind of state of mind, where I will get absolutely nothing done.

I have been in that state for a week now, and for me, it’s actually creating a very stressful environment. I have these lists I make, which contains everything I need to do. And I mean EVERYTHING! Everything from income taxes to vacuum cleaning. Normally these lists help me, because when they also contain the easy things (vacuum cleaning) I feel like I get a quick results.

Lately however the lists have been piling op. I feel inadequate and that really creates a bad circle for me. The problem has been that there have been 2-3 points on the list that I was dreading – income taxes being one of them, fixing my cousins prom dress being another. Both of these things are not difficult to me. Not at all, but I felt like they might be. I felt like they would go wrong or that I wouldn’t be able to do them correctly. On top of that, school has played a big part – in my head – lately, so I guess it was just everything at once.

Next Friday I am going to hand over the dress for my cousin, and I have postponed the sewing for two weeks now. This morning, however, I decided to fix it (it was only some corrections that needed to be done). Then this happened. The dress was such great quality that they made it in a way so that it was easy to correct. I woke up at 8 and started sewing, and I was done before 12. I actually had a pretty great time doing it, and the result is (I hope) perfect… She will try it on next Friday, as I said.



After my success with the dress, I fixed my income tax, I sorted out old receipts, I had a nice lunch and I have time to go to my dear friend to drink beer later this afternoon. On top of all that, my list is almost empty.

I think my conclusion to myself must be… GET SHIT DONE! I know it helps me… It always does, but somehow I have a tendency to postpone when I’m stressed. Do you know the feeling? It’s silly really. Maybe I will remember in the future.

Have a great weekend

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