A walk in the rain


As some of you might know, I am studying Culture and Communication at the University of Southern Denmark. At the moment, we have some focus on art, and therefore I went looking for street art at the harbor of Odense. I brought my very good friend, and study partner in crime, with me (since we are writing a paper about it, together). It was a bit rainy, but actually that makes for some great pictures.


Also, because of the rain, we had the place completely to ourselves. It was such a great experience. It was completely quiet, and we could go exploring, without being disturbed. I really love to walk around abandoned areas, and I love walking by the water (I know that I mentioned this a million times). I would hope some of you might go walking in abandoned places, in the rain. It is underestimated, and it really made my day.

I have a soft spot for street art, especially because it is a bit rebellious, but also because I think that it is beautiful in its own crazy way. It should be said, that a lot of the street art at the harbor of Odense, has been ordered in order to give an urban look. It is, however, nice to see the illegal street art mixed with the ordered pieces. For me, it gives authenticity and edge. I have included some of the pictures that I took, so please enjoy.





Have a great Sunday



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