A protest tree


I have a goal… I have mentioned it before. I want to live a balanced, happy life. Some people call it simple living. Some call it peaceful living. Essentially it is about living life the way that makes sense to you. Then, hopefully, you will have the energy to give something back. If you have peaceful and happy energy, I believe that you can spread it to your surroundings.

I think, that from now on, I will call it current living. I strive for living in the moment, but I still have focus on my future, my goals and my aspirations.

When focusing on what makes me happy and brings me energy, in my daily life, one of the things I should point out, is my plants and flowers. A lot of people are starting to focus on living with greens, and there is a reason for that.

More and more people emphasize the effect of living with plants and flowers. They are living organisms, and they influence the human mind. I know it can sound a bit far out, but it is a fact. For instance, flowers and plants have been used in the Feng Shui tradition for centuries. Actually, it dates back to around 2000 BC.

I love living plants. Plants that are growing. Plants, that for me, symbolizes life. Occasionally, however, it is nice to have some cut-offs as well. I like messy bouquets. Bouquets that looks like they are picked from a ditch. I think they are a nice addition to interior decoration, and I think they have the ability to complete a setting.



My dining table is 2,5 meters long, and have room for a lot of people. However, since it is so big, it also have the room for some permanent decoration. The vase with the cut-offs can easily be empty, and the stilleben will still look nice and modern, but for me, it only works because there also is a living plant. Here, in a wineglass. The glass helps to lift the plant from the table, and it gives the stilleben a bit more lightness.


My orchid in my window is a bit lonely. I don’t get a lot of light in there, because the buildings outside stand so close together. However, my orchid can handle the darkness, and it brings some life to that part of the livingroom. And I have the old toys from my grandfather to keep it company.


Another thing that is very dear to me, is my design books. I have some of them displayed, and those squared shapes really go well with wild flowers. For me, it makes this little corner a bit more warm and alive.


Across from the kitchen, I have this old cabinet, which I got from my grandparents. This is the perfect place to put some cut-offs. They get maximum attention, and here, I really believe that you can see the effect of flowers, completing a setting.




My kitchen and my herbs are very important to me. Sometimes a kitchen can give you a feeling of needning to do something. Like thinking; “I need to do the dishes”, or “I really should be making dinner”, or something like that. For me, my kitchen is a place of peace and relaxation. My favorite spot in the apartment, is the kitchen table, where I usually sit and look out the window, or look at my plants, and turn them, so that they will grow up, in stead of sideways.


The last spot I will talk about, is my bedroom. My bedroom is kind of minimalistic, but for me, it is important to have at least one plant, to give the feeling of a place where you can relax. After all, if you can not relax in your bedroom, how can you get a good night of sleep?

This exact plant, represent a great deal to me. I bought it, when it was just 10 centimeters tall, 3 years ago, and I bought it as a protest. At that time, I was in a relationship, and I was told that I shouldn’t buy more plants. Therefore – as a small protest – I bought this tiny, tiny plant, and i gave it all my love. It is (odd as it might sound) one of the things that made me realize that I wanted to change things in my life, and I am so happy, that I did. And now, it actually started developing bark, and it is turning into a tree.

So, this was a long one
Hope you liked it

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