Spring rotation

For me, the simple, balanced life is not about not owning anything. I love things… Especially pretty things. But for me, the simple life is about buying good quality, that lasts for a long time. Of course, this lifestyle is something of a journey, and I adjust along the way, but one thing I do try to execute is to take good care of the things I got.


This weekend I am celebrating my birthday with my family, and therefore this afternoons theme has been spring cleaning. Yesterday I had a friend over, and he helped me get my lamps set (I will write another post about this), but handiwork is messy (hint; the spring cleaning).

For me, spring cleaning also means that my winter jackets and winter boots are put away… And now to the point; I cleaned my shoes today – as well as the apartment. And I spend as much time on the one thing as on the other.


My winter boots (leather) got cleaned and then I gave them some leather grease. Winter in Denmark is muddy and salty, and that is horrible for leather. I do this, once during winter and once every spring, and some of my leather boots I have had for 6 years. It really pays off! You can’t see that they are so old.

When I put my boots away, I also get to bring back all my sneaks. This is truly a treat for me. The last two years in Copenhagen has given me a “bad habit”. I L O V E sneaks. Since I am studying, my budget is kind of limited, so I try to take very good care of the ones that I’ve got. That (for me) includes keeping them clean, and keeping the white areas WHITE! I use a Danish sneaker-cleaning brand (not sponsored) but I know there is quite a few out there, that are great. I clean, and then I impregnate them with a spray especially for sneaks. This keeps them resistant, at least against some stains.


Now, since the apartment is just about done… almost three month later… slow mover… I finally got some shelves in my hallway for the shoes. I try to have as many things as possible lifted from the ground, so that cleaning is easy, and that includes my shoes. One might argue that I could use another shelf or two, but this is a start. I have searched FOREVER for some nice shoe-solutions, but I couldn’t find anything that worked for me, so I ended up making a solution of my own. It is clean, efficient, and space saving, (and I kind of love it) and that is all that I could wish for.


This was just a little example of what makes my life less stressful, and I hope that you could use it for some sort of inspiration

Have a great friday

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