She went to Norway

One of my best friends did. With her boyfriend. For a year… And without me. This is NOT okay.

It is amazing for them, for sure, but then what should I do? I should go visit. And so I did.

Last week, i went to Kristianssand, Norway for a couple of days, and believe it or not, it was my first flight in 6 years! Imagine that.

Besides eating amazing food – amongst other places, at Papito – we spend a day at Aquarama, watched a lot of movies and drank some amazing wine (I brought it from Denmark – It is WAY too expensive up there) and we went for a walk. It is cold in Norway now, but it is also beautiful. And I got to take some pictures – Enjoy;

It is no secret that I love autumn. I love the cold winds and the bright colors. Above all, I love the seaside! It was a perfect way to spend a holiday.

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