A happy thought

What makes you happy? Today I was asked to perform in one of those movie clips TV2 (DK) makes on the rolling stairs in Copenhagen Central Train Station. I was just supposed to say what makes me happy the most. Easy peasy. Completely panicked – and a tiny bit because i had to catch a train – I said “no thanks”.

There is nothing weird about me saying no, in itself, but I haven’t been able to put this aside all day. I could just have said something that makes me happy?

The problem was that it made me think. Good heavens NO! Really?! … Yup. And it was difficult. I am happy. Very, very happy lately actually. I am about to start a new job, I got into an amazing education, I live in a great city etc. But this is not one single thing. It is kind of a chain reaction. How can I say what makes me happy the MOST?

When you ask children what they love to do, they can often say something in the line of; “I love to draw” or “I love to play with LEGO” or something. For me, I think, it is the chain reactions. I love combinations of little things, that make everything click. I love the change of seasons. Especially fall. But above all, I love the sea.

The sea is my weak spot. I can not even control it. I always tell people this, but it didn’t occur to me, in the train station. I love to look at the sea, swim in it, be nearby it. Everything. So here goes… My biggest goal in life; “I want to live by (or on) the sea”. Simple as that.


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