I believe in current living, I am a huge enthusiast when it comes to astrology and I know something good will come from living with plants – I can feel it! I find calmness and balance in the ocean – it might be that it is the element that is opposite from the fire that is so explicit in my sun and ascendant, but I believe in preserving it – when talking sustainability – and I really can’t live without it. And why would I!?

I also have a fascination with words, positive communication and life stories. I think we have a responsibility to everyone around us, to enrich their life as well as our own, and I believe that can be achieved with positivity – also I know nothing else. I am incapable of holding a grudge, so in some forms positivity comes quite naturally to me. 

So what you will find here is a celebration of all of the above, some thoughts on life in general and perhaps a bit of inspiration.

Lots of love